Real Groove


Every Thursday 



毎週木曜日に開催するREAL GROOVE。

グッドミュージック × ハンバーガー × コミュニケーションをテーマにレジデントDJが最高な音と空間をお届けします。

REAL GROOVEはアンダーグラウンドなダンスミュージックシーンをフォローしていけるコミュニティ作りを提案していきます。


"REAL GROOVE", which is held every Thursday, has a theme of good music and communication.

The specialty hamburger is also delicious.

Residents DJs from White Space Lab, mainly based on underground techno and house music, create a space with high quality.

"REAL GROOVE" will propose creating a community that can follow the underground dance music scene.




FREE (1st drink 1,000yen)



■Every 1st Thursday -Attic Party-  DISCO 

Rinalucky / Toma / Yoshiki Aoyama / Wen / Naoki Iwata


■Every 2nd Thursday -OUT SIDER-  Techno & House  

Negami / Nobuharu Morimoto / Channel Dope 


■Every 3rd Thursday -Inter Section-  House

Y12 / Bohken / Zenova / Zawa / Dila


■Every 4th Thursday -HIbiki-  Techno

Aibis  / Hiroki Asano / Mimy / Acro