Space Traveler


2018/10/27 (SAT)






2.000yen/ with 1 Drink


■Resident DJ■

HIROSHI WATANABE aka KAITO (Transmat / Kompakt)


■Guest DJ■

Guzy (Radikon / Wildfang)



YONENAGA aka R406 (Select Kashiwa Recordings)







レジデントDJはDerrick MayのレーベルTransmatより日本人で唯一リリースしているHIROSHI WATANABE aka KAITO。

卓越したHarmonic Mixingによる美しく調和された音で包まれる極上な空間は、存分にHIROSHI WATANABE aka KAITOの世界観を体感して頂ける内容となっている。


さらにWhite Space Lab Recordsからの新作EP "Water Stone"のリリースパーティーでもある。

そして追加Guest DJとして、Guzy (from Berlin)の参加も決定した。

New Label Radikonの始動に合わせて、ドイツ国内はもちろん、ヨーロッパ全土をはじめ世界的に活躍中のDeepHouse、DeepTechnoの鬼才GuzyがスペトラでHiroshi Watanabe aka Kaitoと共演する。



 "Space Traveler" to be held four times in a year, in spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Holding the theme of a journey of space.

Resident DJ is the only Japanese released by Derrick May label ”Transmat” HIROSHI WATANABE aka KAITO.

The superb space enveloped by beautifully harmonized sounds by outstanding Harmonic Mixing is a content that you can experience the world view of HIROSHI WATANABE aka KAITO to its full extent.


Advance Ticket


Guzy (Radikon/Wildfang)


David Guzy better known as GUZY (Germany) started DJing allready a while ago with a good friend. He started Djing by playing Hip Hop and Funk tunes as Guusbert. Soon due to the influence of his friend Jonas Saalbach, GUZY was introduced to try Djing Electronic music and he immediately fell in love with it, you can hear this Passion to the Music, while he is playing with the Mixer. His Sounds start at Downtempo and make a journey through Deephouse and can end up with Technoid Sounds. Mostly its melodic and dreamy. His first production came out on Underyourskin Records, a Co-Production with Foreign Guest. You find more own productions on Wildfang. Soon more is happening, keep your eyes opened, 2018 has more to look forwards to. GUZY´s monthly Podcast „Rebirth of Spring“ made big Waves, sounds that are made to lay back and enjoy, is what it´s made for. But listen for yourself: